Portafilter thermometer

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Anyone have any idea where I could get a flexible thermometer to fit inside a pressurized portafilter basket to get an idea of my machines brew temps at different set points?

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Check out this thread:
A guide to managing HX brew temperatures

Or search for "scace" measurements.
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Or invest in a foam cup: Seeking low tech way to measure brew temperature
barry wrote:foam cup method:

take a small foam cup which will fit up against the group gasket (6oz is about the right size), and push a dial stem thermometer through the side about an inch up from the bottom. angle the thermometer stem downwards across the cup and wedge it into the opposite bottom corner. to measure brew water temp, remove the portafilter from the machine and hold the cup firmly against the group gasket on the underside of the brewhead in such a way that you can see the thermometer dial. run about 2oz of water into the cup and watch the thermometer dial for the maximum temperature reached. it's easy to get burned doing this, so be careful not to let hot water run onto your hand.
Another option is getting a 36 gauge thermocouple wire and just slipping it between the gasket/portafilter before lock in. It should seal. These are two methods I used for a long time before the Scace thermofilter came along. You can also just make a "DIY Scace". It won't be calibrated to WBC Standards, but it's good enough for your own reference temperatures.
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