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Again, missing the point! I got on it 'cause I have a few select t-shirts that I shouldn't be wearing while driving with coffee, (I drink at the stops) but do anyways. Occasionally, this means that a white T is suddenly stained. Now most of you won't understand one of a kind t-shirts with sentimental value, but being irreplaceable, I just put 'em in a vat of coffee grounds, and rinse 'em off later. VIOLA, coffee coloured T's.
Sure, the answer is buy dark towels, or use 'em like they're disposable, but on if the question is NOT, "I am looking for a place to buy a good dye to re-dye all the pastel ones I have like yours."
Seeing as he really wanted to keep the ones that he had, and looking for dye, I just pointed out that he had dye in his knock-box.
A solution is only as good as the problem that it actually solves.
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Psyd wrote:A solution is only as good as the problem that it actually solves.
That's a really good quote, gotta remember to put that into my posts more often so I look smarter... :)
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#43: Post by mjbelcher »

I use the same "bowling towel" espressme found on Amazon.

The Amazon seller also offers them on eBay for $5 (w/o the shipping charge). (If you look down the items for sale you will find a dozen or so auctions for the Black Microfiber Bowling Towel Strike Force Top Towel)

They are a good size - large enough to get the job done (14 inches by 16inches) but not too large to be unmanageable from a maintenance perspective.

The black microfiber itself - after a wash and tumble dry - literally "shines-up" everything from the machine to the counter top, is very resilient and is quite absorbent, in my opinion...

Because they are graphite-black you can still see when the brown coffee grounds start to accumulate, you can give it a shake over the sink, a good rinse and hang it to dry on the faucet.

The microfiber seems to dry cleaner (and faster) than cotton and every few days you can pull out a new one and throw the older one into the laundry.

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#44: Post by espressme »

That's the ones I bought. They work well! I think the problem one poster had was they get so much milk off the wand in one spot that they seem like they are melted. A quick wash and they are back in use. I have sink washed them with dish soap and have run them through the washing machine. They do go to a dark grey after a lot of washing though.
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#45: Post by miff2000 »

yes the micro fibre does it for me also

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#46: Post by caffeinatedjen »

I found some dark brown microfiber dishcloth-sized towels at TJ Max a couple of months ago that I really like, it's great just throwing them in the wash every couple of days instead of using paper towels.

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#47: Post by Bob_McBob »

Espresso Parts sells black and brown microfibre cloths, as well as 12-packs of regular black towels.


#48: Post by Nik »

I don't place much value on the appearance of the clothes as long as they don't scratch my machine. I just bought a bundle of 36 microfiber clothes at Costco for like $12-$15, can't remember exactly but they were cheap. Work great!


#49: Post by jpreiser »

I have some dark tan/light brown wash cloths (cloth on one side scrubber mesh on the other) I found at Kohl's. I don't use the scrubber side but they were the best looking thing I found at the time. Not sure what I paid for them but they were on sale at the time (there's always something on sale at Kohl's).


#50: Post by carlhpretired »

Stuggi wrote:Today I finally found it, the perfect espresso bar towel. Isn't it pretty?


I also got a set of 6 for quite little money, and considering that's it's a designer brand it's quite the steal.
Where did you purchase these towels?