Original Mr. Coffee vs. today's drip machine design [VIDEO]

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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

I realize this presenter isn't for everyone, but I was fascinated that the original Mr. Coffee design aimed for 200F brew temps, had separate control for the hotplate so the hotplate didn't get hot enough to destroy the brewed coffee, and had an adjustable basket so the coffee bed depth would stay roughly the same if less coffee was dosed. 36:30 long minutes
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#2: Post by Pressino »

Wonderful presentation. Never saw this guy before...he's a great teacher...the North American version of James Hoffman. Thanks. :D


#3: Post by Marmot »

Never saw this type of coffee maker before. I am also astonished by its setup and the powder amount adjustment.
I have the earliest model of a filter coffee maker at home. It's an "Osswald" which is basically a Wigomat but sold by its inventor who sold the patent to the Wigomat company.
It also has internals much different to the modern cheap filter coffee maker. The water "boiler" is also detached from the plate and heats water to 93 to 98 degrees celsius. The water dispersion screen does a pretty good job of distributing water over the coffee bed. The boiler shuts off when its finished and the plate stays hot (but not too hot) for the rest of time. The layout is actually pretty similar to the modern Moccamaster.
I was surprised to find out that this old and actually first coffee maker was built much better than almost everything you can find on the market today. It's even more astonishing that it still works flawlessly even though it's from the 50s ;)

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#4: Post by Peppersass »

Fascinating and fun video. Thanks for posting it.

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#5: Post by TomC »

I've followed this guy since he was originally tearing apart radios and explaining hurricane lamps. He's quirky, but fascinating. He's not a fan of the USA power grid and layout, which tells me he's clued in. :mrgreen:
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#6: Post by radioradio »

Interesting video. I've been subscribed to this guy's channel for a year or so. I find him very interesting and informative. I was fascinated to see the difference between the original (with the bi-metallic strip valve) and the modern version. I had no idea they were different.
I'm old enough to remember my parent's percolators and the transition to drip coffee makers and the improvement in coffee quality that came with it.