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I just celebrated the 10th year of our retail roastery. Its a tough, tough market where I operate. I used Bellisimo for consulting and training prior to opening. I had tried working with another clown (Jay *&#&%) who was only interested in selling me equipment. Ed Arvidson was the guy I worked with and he was great. Looking back, what was at the time very expensive for me to do turned out to be the most cost-effective move in opening the business. Ed was a freakin' stream-of-consciousness guy who would walk around the space and spit out ideas faster than I could write them down. If you use him (he would be my choice) make sure you get a little handheld tape recorder. =). Bellisimo has a reputation of being expensive, but I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

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Thank you for the input Bernie - Congratulations on your anniversary!
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