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Anyone that got out was lucky. I struggled with how fast that fire moved and the loss of lives because of it.

We lived for several years with two large dogs and two cats in our MH. It's doable and it can be comfortable for everyone. There are tricks you will learn along the way while you wait for the new home to come out of the ground, like how to keep the water from freezing.

Welcome back.

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Randy G.

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We have a good amount of experience with numerous motorcycle camping outings including a three week European tour. We also use to have an 1990 28' Rexhal Airex.. "Use To" being the operative phrase:

That and the memories are all that is left of it.

But we have put a down payment on, and will be picking this up in about three weeks or so:

A 2004 34' Winnebago that was well cared for and has very low miles. 330hp Caterpillar diesel pusher with two slideouts and a washer/dryer combo.
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That's pretty sharp looking. Hope you find an equally nice place to set it up.
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36 footer? Those slideouts are the things that made it work. The washer/dryer combo is nice, small but nice. I used ours almost everyday, did I mention it was small? I also learned how to repair it. We were living in ours by choice not because it was the only option.

It's still difficult to see the pics of the devastation. I can not imagine the emotions of those that have returned to their properties and found sights like your RV.


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Wow I'm sorry to hear about losing your home and belongings, Randy. I'm so thankful for your wisdom and insight all of these years. I've pointed countless people to your website when they ask me, "How do you know so much about coffee?" I know more than the average joe (ha), but far less than many of you. Randy G. especially.

I too own a hottop and have benefited from Randy's help. Randy even offered advice and insight after he and hottop parted ways. That's proof that he does it because he loves helping people. He has surely helped me in my coffee "journey".

Randy, if you want a place to pull a shot or lay your head in central FL, please drop me a PM.


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Yes, Randy has always been more than helpful to so many of us. I'm glad to hear he made it out OK, and I hope he's back and stable soon. As he says, many weren't.