Oatly milk supply problems?

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#1: Post by keno »

Anyone else having problems (or success) in getting hold of Oatly for home use?

My understanding was that their initial move into the US was centered on supplying to specialty cafes. Presumably to give them time to increase production to meet demand. At the end of 2017 and into early 2018 there were still reports of shortages. But all of this was supposed to be fixed by summer of 2018.

Well this weekend I decided to try to get a hold of some Oatly up here in the PNW. I went to a local cafe that Oatly listed online as having their product and asked to buy some and they refused to sell it to me. Not sure if that has something to do with ongoing shortages. My wife and I however did try a latte there made with Oatly and thought it was definitely better than the almond milk we use at home. The Oatly was much more neutral tasting, like real milk.

Anyway, after getting home I tried to find some online and it seemed to be out of stock at the places that had cases for a reasonable price. I did see it on Amazon for a ridiculously high price of $30 for a 2 pack!!

After searching some more I found that Pacific Foods has recently introduced a barista version of oat milk. The ingredients look virtually identical to Oatly. So I took the plunge and ordered a case of 12 for $40.

I'll report back on the PF barista version once I get it, but I'm wondering how those who use Oatly are getting it?

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#2: Post by Chabeau »

I ordered two cases of 12 32oz cartons from baristaunderground.com several weeks ago. After shipping it was $92, which comes out to $3.80 a carton. It took about five weeks for my order to arrive. Now we are swimming in it!

A local cafe offered to sell me some at just over what they pay (I didn't ask so I don't know what he would charge). It's out there so you might have to keep asking around.
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keno (original poster)

#3: Post by keno (original poster) »

Yeah, thanks Chabeau. Saw the link for Barista Underground. They have a notice saying that orders are delayed 3-4 weeks, so that's consistent with what you say. I just didn't want to wait that long and don't really want to go on a hunt for it locally just to buy one or two overpriced containers from a cafe. Hopefully the PF Barista Oat that I ordered (also sold by Barista Underground) will be comparable. Promising that it won best new product at SCA in 2018.

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#4: Post by Almico »

Any reason not to just make your own oat milk? All you need is a blender and a nut milk bag.

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keno (original poster)

#5: Post by keno (original poster) »

The Oatly shortage gets an article in the New Yorker. First world problems. :wink: But interesting if you want some perspective on it.

Hey, Where's My Oat Milk?
New Yorker wrote:Oat milk arrived in New York City in 2016, when a sales rep began making the rounds of local coffee shops. . . . Butler became New York's second café to carry it. In six months, Butler's oat-milk consumption quadrupled. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, oat milk vanished. . . . Butler's customers were devastated. "It's affecting their life styles," Coligado said. "Something catches on so quickly, and then it just goes away."

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#6: Post by farmroast »

When is someone coming out with coffee milk?
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#7: Post by Andy » replying to farmroast »

Coffee beans and water in a blender, then strain. Maybe a new way to make cold brew?

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#8: Post by TomC »

You can get oat milk from here pretty cheap and it's not backordered. Amazon has the original Oatly at $36 now for a 32oz container. The (not Oatly) 32oz container from Elmhurst is $6 and you get free shipping if you buy 6.

https://elmhurst1925.com/our-varieties/ ... -oats.html
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#9: Post by Almico » replying to TomC »

Good tip. I just bought 6 cartons. Does it steam well?

FWIW, I tried making oat milk the other day from steel cut oats...what a disaster! It had the consistency of Elmer's glue with a strong oatmeal aftertaste when added to coffee. Yuck. I tried watering it down a bit and adding maple syrup, salt and vanilla. Made it a little better, but still not steamable and not something I'd want in coffee.


#10: Post by chipman »

My grocery store (Molly Stones) in the S.F. bay area is now stocking the regular Oatly milk and the low fat version. I bought the whole fat version and while it doesn't have quite the sweet taste of the barista version, it foamed quite nicely.
http://www.oatly.com/products/internati ... oat-drink/