Normcore Tamper V4 - am I using it wrong?

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Do you stop pushing the Normcore tamper in when you feel resistance or when you bottom out? I have noticed that bottoming out on finer grind settings causes the shots to choke, and I'm thinking if that's because I have to use a lot of force to bottom out the tamper with finer settings and it creates a really dense puck. I thought bottoming out the tamper every time is the intended way of using it, is that not the case?

Noticed this while trying to dial in a very light roast for espresso, so had to go quite a bit finer than usual on my DF64. I was getting pretty decent shots at the setting 14.5 on my DF64, with 20in-45out in 39s on a Lelit Mara X. Wanted to extract a tad bit more, so decided to go a little finer to 14. This shot choked and did not start flowing until 25s in (usually 14s due to the long pre-infusion on Mara X). Thought this might be a one time thing so I tried both settings multiple times and noticed the same thing again and again. Surely it should not be choking that bad on such a small difference right?