Normcore Leveling Tamper v3

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#1: Post by gamerluke »

I just received a Normcore 58.5mm tamper from Amazon, and pretty sure I received a v3 instead of the advertised v2.

Now generally, I'd be excited about this but v3 has left me confused. See the video on their site and the description of the difference: ... upgrate-v3

Basically, they've added a second spring so that the leveling plate and the tamping base both push against separate springs. However, this means that changing between the included 15/25/30lb springs that are included only really affect the movement of the leveling plate. Once you push past the initial force, the smaller internal spring provides the resistance against the puck. Unfortunately, this means I have zero feel/control over how much force is actually exerted on the puck, since the tamper bottoms out before I can feel any compression.

Based on a rough scale test, it seems this lighter spring that's used for the tamping base only allows me to exert somewhere between 5-10 lbs of force. Now I know this is probably "enough" for a functional tamp, and is at least consistent from one tamp to the next, I don't like the fact that I can't feel the compacting of the puck OR choose the force of the smaller spring.

Am I thinking about this all wrong?


#2: Post by Espressoman007 »

can you write more about the quality of the tamper? Looks great and the price is great too. I have one Lev tamper from Aliexpress, but I am not using it because the axel is not tight with the base, so basically it wiggles. The one I have you can see on Option-O's short clip, when demonstrating their grinder.
What about this particular tamper is well made?