News from AU - Breville buys Lelit

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Lets see what happens with the Italian brand. They established a good position in the market competing with vast mix of products.


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Interesting acquisition given espresso is just a small part of Lelit and overlaps several of Brevilles own product lines.

Brevilles press release: ... -Group.pdf


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I'm looking forward to the impact this will have on their products.
I consider both Breville and Lelit more or less the most innovative producers in the espresso machine area. Where most other brands just make cosmetic changes to several decades old technology they come up with very interesting new features and solutions.
They both could do better in terms of longevity, especially Breville. The "low" quality of their price makes their products very affordable but I just wish they would also make a more premium line with the same features but sturdier parts.
I hope Breville will introduce their thermojet coil to more machines. They could add a mixing chamber like Decent has done on their machines. Or just use it as an additional part on an E61 model to aid with heat up time.


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Marmot wrote: I hope Breville will introduce their thermojet coil to more machines.
I think about this often, as I own a Barista Touch and really enjoy the fast heat up time the machine has (as does my wife). I could really see them eventually putting this system into the Oracle line and potentially a "dual boiler" unit. Pairing it with an electronically heated group head and a 2nd unit for steam only would be fascinating to see. They would obviously need to refine the PID to allow for specific temperature adjustments instead of the 8 set points my machine has, but nonetheless it could literally be an instant on dual boiler with its on the fly heating.


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What will become of Lelit?


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Jeez m. First Baratza. Now Lelit.


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Maybe push out a new "prosumer" BDB model like they teased years ago lol.


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Well, if Breville can infuse some of their electronic magic from the BDB 920XL into the Bianca (including a saturated group)...housed in fine Italian stainless and true Italian internals...count me in! 8)
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Given that I've been impressed by Lelit's apparent leadership in technical innovation, that choice among the options available makes sense to me.

With luck, this means both continued innovation, as well as injection of "modern" supply chain, production, and quality control systems.

I'd more worry what will become of "brand x" and their E61 boxes.


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Sold to breville AUS for 124 mil. Let's hope lelit build quality doesn't end up a cheap consumer product like breville