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drgary wrote:Also there's more than one stimulant in coffee, other than caffeine, and some people like me react differently to Robusta and Robusta blends.

Do you have trouble tolerating Robusta?

Time for another shot of Saka Gran Bar Top Selection Arabica. :wink:
indeed, I can drink a double ristretto sitting on my bed, drop in and sleep in 10 minutes...when I have a coffee 'somewhere else' I can stay awake for hours and it always turns out it was a blend with Robusta..nowadays I can spot the taste and simply don't finish the cup.
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I've always been pretty tolerant of caffeine having worked night shifts for years. But, I cut way back on it 6 months ago to rule out potential causes of my migraines, and all I ever drink is arabica. I immediately noticed I was sleeping better, and had less of a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night too. Maybe age is making me less tolerant of the caffeine. :(

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Isn't science wonderful? :)
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Further research on the effect of coffee on health (heart health in particular) was published in JAMA, by one of the Professors of Cardiology at my hospital, UCSF and was reported on by CNN and other news outlets today. ... index.html

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Certainly, a lack of coffee would cause an increase in suicides, so that part makes sense. 8)