New Spalted Maple Coffee Table

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Hi all. Just finished my new spalted maple coffee table for my grinders, espresso macine and gear. I also made a sweet tamping pad from the spalted maple too. I am loving it and it functions great too.

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Nice! I am building a coffee bar for my home office from curly cherry, rosewood, and kingwood that I collected over the years.
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Sounds awesome! Quality craftsmanship.

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Very nice. What finish did you choose?
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That's really beautiful! I like the legs for it too, they go well with the top.

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Nice table, but that is not spalted maple. It is Ambrosia maple. The discoloring is caused by the excretions of a burrowing Ambrosia beetle. A fancy way of saying beetle skidmarks. Spalting is a fancy way of saying molded wood. It is a mold that starts to grow within the grain structure of the wood as it starts to decompose.

Still nice.
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