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another_jim wrote:Comes with an odor wheel and a long backstory.

For now, each trade and industry has its own, home grown sensory evaluation methods, e.g. three different taste wheels for wine, beer, and coffee. Chuck McGinley looks to be creating universal skills and vocabulary for smell.
It seems to be used to determine strength of an odor but not discriminate the oder itself. I think in coffee training maybe it could be used to introduce a concentrated odor to learn what it is then use this tool to remove the concentration so you develop your ability to detect it in small amounts. There's already a lot of sensory kits that is by smell only and they are concentrated smells to develop your ability to discriminate the smell rather then it's strength. It's a cool tool but if it's used in coffee it probably won't be in a sensory application but in processing or roasting to controll polluting the air with unwanted smells.