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After a week or so of using the nanofoamer I've been having a hard time getting the hang of it. I determined I wasn't using enough milk and so the vortex was too aggressive but I also followed subliminal's video for tips and it got better but it still needed some work. This was until all of a sudden I got a perfect texture and was wondering what changed. I realised when I was cleaning it I wasn't using the screen and it was just the propeller. It may be anecdotal and perhaps my technique just got better but I've been using it without the screens and I've been getting good results.

I have the bellman too and the nanofoamer is bit eiaser to use where the bellman had a lot of steps to get good results plus took a while to heat up (over gas stove, the electric one may be better for that). Once you get use to the bellman it get easier but for me it just took a while to get there. I used the bellman when I only had a stove (no microwave) but if you had a microwave I think I would prefer the nano. Both give good results so it can just depend on your set up and what you think would be better in your work flow.


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wojtowip wrote: One hack, I have a glass top electric, so got one of those induction plates to go between the glass and the bellman, and now the heat is not radiating as much while steaming. So a lot more comfortable all around. Works without it, no real speed improvement in heating, but it makes it a lot more pleased to use.
Yes.. the induction plate sounds like a good idea.. I read somewhere that you have to be careful with some induction plates on an induction stove top.. but on an electric, it should be no different than putting a skillet on it. I have found that Bakelite handle on the Bellman can get too hot.. I grabbed it once and regretted it.. I now position askew with the handle not over the burner.. a different material handle would be nice.