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Retail price maintenance schemes of various forms benefit some businesses and hurt others, depending on whether they rely on high service or high volume selling strategies. But there is no doubt that they hurt consumers always.

The fallacious argument is that consumers who actually need service don't know this, and will buy and then misuse discounted goods. What this argument comes down to is that knowledgeable consumers should subsidize those who are ignorant by paying for services they do not need. We already spend a lot of money subsidizing the ignorant by being forced to buy moron-proof designs; although there is some moral justification in making things safe even for the reckless and stupid. But there is no reason, either economic or moral, for me to pay for others' inability to use everyday appliances without help.
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da gino wrote:Our MSRP is your RRP isn't it? (suggested retail vs recommended retail).
Yes. In the US, the Manufacturer can Suggest a Retail Price (MSRP) to the retailer, but cannot enforce it.

MAP is the proverbial "different kettle of fish."
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