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lancealot wrote:I rinse my PF with water from the group. Keeps the PF hot. Can you do that with a lever? I am thinking to place the rinser on the left cause that is where the steam is. Work goes from right to left, you end up with an empty pitcher that needs rinsing on the left side of your bar. Good luck, excited to see what you decide on.

BTW, my in-laws are the same way. Machine gets a real workout!
Currently I tap the puck out... comes out pretty dry so very little grounds left in the basket. Place back in the machine, pull the lever to flush... remove, clean with towel (both the basket and the screen)... and done.

I agree, the rinser has to be on the left of the machine... right next to the machine. For all the reasons you highlighted. That much I have figured out.

Where I placed the grinder, that is up for grabs... between machines, on the far left, on...
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Started to order a few things...

Got the following:

Faucet - went with an inexpensive water filter-styled faucet from Amazon - Link. Since the LR is not plumbed for water intake, only for the drain, I need a way have water close by to fill the tank.

Pitcher rinser - I went with a 16.5"x8.7" rinser/drip tray in stainless steel. Also ordered it from Amazon, but no longer see it showing... so sorry, no link to the direct item. Link to the same brand I got, but in a larger size.

I really was not sure on what type of wood to go with for the butcher block countertop... Most of the ones sold by the local hardware store, had to be ordered... I really did not wanted any surprises with damage to the top from delivery so I will be picking up one of those available at the local Lowes... will report back on what type of wood I end up going with... not too much to select from those available for immediate pick up. It will be birch or acacia wood. Might go with this one... 8' long, and cut both sides from it...

That is all for now... please keep the ideas/suggestions coming...
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lancealot wrote:Just my $.02. I have a in-counter knock box and I love it. For my workflow, I like having it between the grinder and the machine. If I were you, would do this, from left to right: rinser, Londinium, in-counter knockbox, grinder.
What is that wacky looking device to the right of your grinder?

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Those are cleaning brushes...


https://www.voltagerestaurantsupply.com ... tool-brush


https://www.sweetmarias.com/brewing/acc ... brush.html

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