Lance Hedrick and other coffee influencers

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I want to post it because it is the first in-depth, English review that I have found.

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Acavia wrote:I do not trust this reviewer but I want to post it because it is the first in-depth, English review that I have found.
+1 :D

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I like lance, but I did chuckle when he said this is the new grinder threshold for diminishing return.
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Lance is certainly more believable than that guy with a handle Real Sprometheus and few others like him. ;)


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Came here after watching Lance's video to say the same thing. I'm more than intrigued at this point and genuinely looking forward to the Kickstarter.

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The reviewer's description about how the Sculptor was juicer, and in one of his comment replies, higher fidelity than the Ode with SSP, seems like he is describing the Ditting Sweet profile, but since this reviewer does not like that profile, stated in his Ditting Sweet review, then you have to assume that is not what he is describing.

Anyone used this grinder - to what other grinder profiles does it compare?


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Acavia wrote:I do not trust this reviewer but I want to post it because it is the first in-depth, English review that I have found.

Don't that really reply to all of them? It's not like Kyle, Sprometheus, Xris, Brian Quan, Lifestyle Lab, The Coffee Chronicle and Jerney (instagram) are all that reliable. Take whatever these say with some serious precaution.

Even April and The Coffee Guru should not be taken that lightly, but at least they have something to back their opinions up with.

Regarding the Sculpture it dos look more and more promising, however I really wished they chosen 80mm


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What makes me unreliable out of curiosity? I've been working in coffee a decade, have been on sensory panels, am calibrated with green buyers and Q instructors, etc. I've competed and coached. I buy most of my equipment by digging into my own pocket. I funnel all I make from youtube (just 56k in 1.75 years) back into youtube. I still work a full time job at Onyx Coffee Lab.
What about what I do disallows trust?
I've not even taken a sponsor until now in order to gain trust and not spam ads.
I'm dipping so deep into my own pocket that it has become unsustainable.
So, curious what the issue is? My theatricality?
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This has attributes of ghost burrs. Doesn't make it the same. Very different cups. This crushes fuji and xeoleo 78mm. Closer to MP than those. It is curious how you know my videos but don't trust me. What is a guy to do to get trust? Lol
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Please let me know what I do that makes me unreliable. I don't do affiliate links, I don't partner with brands, I've literally taken massive potential payments and thrown them down the toilet to maintain authenticity. Do you all just not like my personality? If so, please say that. I try my hardest to be authentic and do all this youtube stuff in the middle of the night so as to not affect my time with my kids. Disheartening to read the rampant distrust when I'm working so hard for the opposite.
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