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I subscribe to two coffee influencers: James Hoffmann and Lance Hedrick. The other popular coffee Youtubers strike me like they could just as easily be reviewing digital cameras or smart watches.

Well, I also subscribe to Emilee Byrant, because she is awesome.
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Ben Z.

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F1 wrote:It's simple. Don't like it. Don't watch it. The level of entitlement of some of the members in this "community" is mind blowing. Funny thing it is the same names I have seen before in other threads always arguing.
Pretty entertaining, though.


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LewBK wrote:I like Lance's videos. I also find it a little ridiculous to assume every reviewer on Youtube is ethically compromised while posters here aren't. Astroturfing comes in many forms and can include posts on sites like this one: Everything one sees on the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt, but that doesn't mean videos on Youtube and posts here are useless. Disclosures of conflicts of interest, i.e., commercial relationships always help. The nice thing about video is you can see the product in action. But even when there is no ethical compromise, drinking coffee is a largely subjective experience and what one reviewer like Lance finds "juicy," another might find too tart. One issue I have with this latest review is the name "Niche Killer" when Lance hadn't even tried the new espresso burrs yet. A better title given the video's subject matter would have been "Fellow Ode Killer." But overall, I like these review videos, even when I disagree with them.
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What I don't see here, and it may not really be germane to the base conversation, is the fact that Lance himself stated that the title was a tongue in cheek piece of clickbait done purposely.

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Or maybe he was inspired by something like this? ... 1844957825
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The one thing that virtually never gets addressed in online review/influence videos is long term reliability. I understand the reasons for this - pressure to sell, and pressure from consumers for the latest trend - but I find it irritating.


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I agree completely, but I also think it's a hard thing to address. It's the kind of thing Consumer Reports tries to address with its durability tests. The New York Times' Wirecutter does similar tests I believe. The other thing I try to do is read older reviews and sometimes buy older products that have established track records. If, for instance, you go on Amazon and a product has a ton of positive reviews all written recently, they're most likely fake and even the legit ones are written during the product's "honeymoon phase" when it is functioning as intended. Older reviews also tend to capture how a manufacturer handles problems and malfunctions.

To Lance's credit, he waited I believe a year before posting his Niche Zero review and received a lot of heat for his less than stellar review. I don't think he's just a paid product pusher, and I've read a number of glowing posts/reviews from people on this board who I think are, or at least, could be.

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One of my favorite reviews by Lance was his initial La Marzocco Linea Micra review....I thought it was a really detailed review of the Micra.

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#88: Post by GurgenPB » wrote:If i may give my 2c. You are one of the only few youtubers that are daring enough to state something very boldly such as 1zpresso zp6 is the best filter handgrinder, or niche has sh** grind but the best workflow.

I for one held your opinion in high regards and trust you (heck i sold my zp6 and bought a sculptor 78 because of your video) . The intrinsic problem with coffee is that taste is a very subjective experience and others in the forum may not be as objective as you are with regards in tasting.. They may ride the hype train and be dissapointed etc. I recalled james hoffman never make a bold statement and always emphasise personal preferences regarding taste - while focusing on objective measures such as ergonomic and usability.

Imho just keep doing what you do. Nothing wrong with anyone taking someones opinion with a grain of salts. Thank you very much for your video.
+1. Well stated. Immensely enjoy your content. Keep up the great work.


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Dogshot wrote:I subscribe to two coffee influencers: James Hoffmann and Lance Hedrick. The other popular coffee Youtubers strike me like they could just as easily be reviewing digital cameras or smart watches.

Well, I also subscribe to Emilee Byrant, because she is awesome.
100%. Lance, Daddy Hoff, and Emilee. There's a few others I like, but don't love:

-Coffee Coach Ryd Jeavons: His channel has content about commercial machines too, which is interesting to see. He's got some work to do with audio and video quality, but he's covering equipment and tradeshows and topics that others just aren't.
- The Wired Gourmet: His equipment tear downs are pretty neat, and what's not to love about microscope comparisons of baskets and shower screens?!
- Lifestyle Lab: He's okay. Not very in-depth, very "YouTuber" feeling.
- Sprometheus: Meh. He kinda annoys me with the "and now it's time to turn the conversation back to you..."
- Kyle Roswell: Undecided for me. Sometimes I like him, sometimes not so much.


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Lancehedrick wrote:Please elaborate so I can ensure I'm reflecting more trustworthy information. Not sure what else I can do other than literally work my full time job in the specialty industry, disallow affiliate links, etc.
Your videos are quite enjoyable. Don't focus on a misinformed and discontented microscopic sliver of opinions. If I may:
  • Haters gonna Hate
  • It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not
  • To thine own self be true.
Personally, I think it would be hilarious if you produced a video wearing a T-Shirt stating:
"Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient"