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Lance, your channel is fantastic. This comment may get flagged, but whatever: I think there's a boomer brain tendency - especially evident on this forum imo - to view anyone with a successful YouTube channel as a "YouTuber" rather than a professional in whatever context. Setting the record straight on your bonafides as you've done here will likely help for those that don't follow you as closely
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I've enjoyed your reviews. Really the first in depth with the ACS Vostok in english which is how I came across your page. I proceeded to go through almost all of your videos. My only bone to pick with your approach is, I'm more of a written word person and you're reviews are really geared towards the visual/audio learners. I tended to scoff at some of "mere" youtube video comments as unsupported (the critique of the offset feature on the v3 bianca comes to mind despite your showing the testing process), yet then I saw that others tested and came to the exact same conclusion.

It's the nature of this crowd that we tend to demand proof in an area that is massively subjective.

Keep up the good work. You don't have to be all of our cup of tea stylistically, but the reality is that you are the first covering products that are very important to a lot of us. Your take is sometimes the only widely promulgated public datapoint and people are inevitably going to argue. You're becoming a public figure with these reviews. People aren't exactly fair in their critiques of public figures. Just look at some of the ad hominem attacks aimed at Hoffman over the years and try to take this in stride.

I, for one, am glad that someone is taking the time to obtain and review a lot of these products that are really exciting to us in this strange corner of the coffee world. But I'm still going to disagree with your in depth, experienced reviews if it comes into conflict with my deeply held notions about an item I've never seen, let alone tested.


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Junior wrote:still going to disagree with your in depth, experienced reviews if it comes into conflict with my deeply held notions about an item I've never seen, let alone tested.
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Seemed a bizarre review to me. It doesn't have the right burrs to do espresso... how can it be reviewed as an espresso grinder? Would make more sense to wait til those burrs are available and installed. But I guess the race to be first was paramount


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Lancehedrick wrote:You are 10000% correct. I am obsessed with the idea of authenticity and it gets at me when called into question. But you're right! Thank you
I used to follow you on YouTube but I have since unsubscribed from your channel. You lost me when you started this attack on Comandante and were pushing 1Zpresso pretty hard. I don't even own a Comandante but how you tried to use your followers to push back against Comandante and rise up 1Zpresso and help sell a product of theirs well making it out to be something its not, SSP MP, was enough for me to question authenticity. I liked your stuff before all of this because I felt you were an honest, good dude who is passionate. Getting involved with the politics probably isn't the best idea. I watched the video that's in this thread and I don't even know what I'm watching now its like a coffee review with some really bad humour in it, it's a bit awkward. I had someone next to me ask, "what the f*** are you watching" and all I could say was, "I don't know". I'm not trying to take any shots at you, it's just feedback as we could use good reviewers who can help us out on deciding if a product is worth buying or not. IMO stay out of the politics and maybe dial it back a little on the comedy show and you should be able to extend your reach.

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TBH, at first blush your enthusiasm in your reviews gave me pause. Your clarification that you don't post a review if you don't like the product helped clear that up somewhat. Furthermore, the way you have responded here to the critical comments seems genuine and honest.

So I think you did well to respond in the way that you did and I for one will put a bit more weight in the opinions that you offer, and you have, in fact, garnered more my book at least.
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iBrew wrote:maybe dial it back a little on the comedy show and you should be able to extend your reach.
OTOH... 140K subs in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive. People clearly seem to enjoy the approach and changing it to be something he's not could backfire. What you're seeing is the real him, and authenticity is very engaging.


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For sure! and you're right. I'm probably not his target audience.


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Lancehedrick wrote:What makes me unreliable out of curiosity?
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Just don't become like Weissman.. his "humor" has gotten out of control and his videos are unwatchable. It seems like inevitable Youtube that eventually everyone becomes more of an entertainer and less of an educator (even for Hoffmann, it seems like a higher proportion of new videos are silly videos)