La Marzocco Seattle Unresponsive

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#1: Post by linuxAndJavaScript »

Over the course of a few days, I went on La Marzocco USA website a few times and left messages on their chat, along with my email. They never responded or emailed me back. Last Thur. I came really close to ordering a mini, a impulse buy, called and got voicemail. I left a message stating I had a few questions and never got a return call. I'm kind of glad because now although I still want one I feel like I can wait.

But curious, is there something wrong with the La Marzocco shop? I'm under the impression the customers are pretty well taken care of so this is unusual. Even with Covid, writing emails and returning calls are still with in capabilities.

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#2: Post by yertchuk »

The person I contacted to buy my LMLM was Dave:

Just in case you were trying something different.