La Marzocco metal tamper, is the base removable?

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I know it's divisive but I'm a fan of the convex metal tamper that ships with the Linea Mini (and possibly the Micra).

It doesn't even seem the right size for the LM baskets but it works a treat.

However the handle is about the least comfortable design I think they could've made. So I want to get a handle turned, but I don't know if the handle actually comes off.

Seems like it would, but I've had no luck thus far. Thought I'd ask if anyone knew for sure before it goes in the vice.

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I don't have an answer for you but have you considered a wider, knob-like handle that slides over the original one?

And yeah, it sure is divisive. I hate the fact that it's too small!

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I think the correct answer here is to just get a new convex tamper.

I noticed Torr Toys do a 58.4mm convex which looks ideal.