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After 18 years of using my Expobar E-61 HX I started looking for a new machine. I had narrowed it down to the Profitec 700 or the similar ECM. But my youngest son and wife unbeknownst to me had already ordered a La Mazzocca Linea Micra. They had to spill the beans when I got ready to order. So yesterday they called for delivery. Between noon and 4 is what they claimed. After the morning coffees I broke it down and unplumbed the Expobar. Drained the boiler and cleaned it up inside. At 15:30 I got a call that it would not be delivered because the truck was in Vermont. And the plumb kit won't be here for another week or two. Look's like I'm going to break out the pour over equipment for morning.
Yes I'm excited, Wanted a double boiler for a long time. Just want to express my thanks for all the good information this site has given me over the years.

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Seems I spoke too soon. Plumb kit came at 16:30.
When looking at the Austrian parts it seemed odd that they didn't have a hard tube internal.Now that I have the kit I can confirm it does.