La Marzocco Florentine Linea Mini

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La Marzocco released a new version of the LM Mini today: ... linea-mini

I guess maybe in 1950?


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And then I looked a bit further and realized I can buy a GS-3 for $100 less than this Mini, what???

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#3: Post by kitt »

I know they've hyping this for weeks now with teasers etc about something to be released, and it turns out it was just a different colour LMLM. Am i the only one who's a little underwhelmed? There's already plenty of aftermarket places here in Aussie doing that already....


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Just smart enough to know a sucker born every minute.

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#5: Post by keno »

Check out this video and it will make a bit more sense. It is a special edition product in honor of Florence, as a Renaissance city, with the colors representing the local olive fields.