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#31: Post by another_jim »

I'm with John and Ian; the 3 inch high knock box from Chris or EPNW fits in the drawer beneath the espresso counter and is quite robust.
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#32: Post by Nik »

My favorite knock box is over two feet tall. It's a plastic garbage container with a plastic bag liner. Don't have to clean it out when I use it. Just grab the drawstrings and pull out. Perhaps not eco friendly but can't find anything better right now.


#33: Post by iantrevor »

I'm currently using the kitchen-trash-can method too, but I can't help but feel gross every time I knock out the puck. Luckily I'm sure the holidays will bring me a new knockbox (such is the life of a poor grad student who has chosen [or was chosen by?] a decidedly expensive hobby/obsession). For now, the trash will do.


#34: Post by Aaron »

I am using a plastic measuring container, which would break if I hit it with the PF so I shake the PF in the air until the puck falls out. Not ideal, but it was sitting around in my kitchen without much use. Anybody want to donate a used knockbox?
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#35: Post by Psyd »

iantrevor wrote:I'm currently using the kitchen-trash-can method too, but I can't help but feel gross every time I knock out the puck.
Get a can with a lid, and cut the bottom of of a standard 4"x6" (ish, called a 1/9th, or 'a ninth') 4 inch deep hotel pan, or steamtable pan, and cut the bottom off of it. Drill two holes in the side, a bit of 3/8" threaded rod, two of these things*
called weld nuts, nutserts, you can use t-nuts, etc. and put one at either end of the threaded rod.
Get a piece of hose (discussed earlier) to put over it, and cut a hole the size of the pan into the lid of the garbage can. I use a grate to keep the dogs from diving, and have just cut a hole the size of my knockbox into it. I haven't emptied a knockbox in a coupla years there. I'm still too chicken to insert mine into the counter top at my house, but I've still got the same assembly, with the bottom intact, nesting in a stained wooden box.
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#36: Post by javabob »

I had a black Grindenstein, but recently upgraded to the small Reg Barber knockbox. I've since "modded" it by adding non-slip feet and lining the inside of the wood box with B-Quiet sound matting. I thought the Grindenstein was the cat's a$$, but that was because I hadn't tried anything else. The RB holds way more, is quieter, and there is less mess due to the larger surface area. Plus the wood looks better IMO than the Grindenstein.

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#37: Post by narc »

Bumper! Functional & durable. The size and capacity should meet the needs of most home users. The design and size keep gives it a stable base. Easy to clean. Purchased from chriscoffee when he 1st started stocking the box. At that time I picked up a spare bar cover and base. They are still sitting in storage.
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#38: Post by espressme »

I still use a cheap one I made at home.

Original thread home made knockbox here
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