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baldheadracing wrote:Kissaten traditionally roasted their own coffee using manual roasting machines. It can be a slow process (not a real-time video, but you should get the idea). This style of roaster is still being made, albeit no longer by Fuji Royal:

Here's a classic kissaten, now closed. Commentary is by James Freeman, the Blue Bottle guy. This clip is from the excellent 2014 film, video
As an aside, I find that the grinder in the video - an older Fuji Royal R-440 - is excellent for dark roast pourover. Shipping from Japan can be awfully expensive though.
Thanks for those videos. But surely the coffee wasn't roasted to order? That is why I didn't get how "slow roasting" had anything to do with a fast lifestyle.


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Fascinating stuff about the marketing by Nescafe and imprinting kids with the candy. On an aside, I wish someone with expertise here or Hoffmann himself would do a review of Japanese slow drip coffee makers like the Oji: https://www.o-ji.com/en/ At the very least, they're beautiful to look at, but I happen to like slow drip as opposed to the cold brew where you just soak the beans.


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This makes me unreasonably uncomfortable.


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Just talked to a Japanese friend who says the Nipon culture has banned James Hoffman due to his misinformation. Something about his smarmy attitude although I don't see it.

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WWWired wrote:Nipon culture has banned James Hoffman due to his misinformation.
Is Nipon culture a small group in Japan? Because I looked up "James Hoffman banned in Japan" but came up empty. :?