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Got up this AM and discovered that I hadn't turned my machine on last night so when the timer turned on at 8:30AM, it did nothing. Woe, or so I thought. Then I decided to try it quick anyway. These machines come to pressure very quickly (5 min?). I let it go another couple minutes, flushed 3 sec to heat up the head, and let it sit for a couple minutes while I prepped the basket. Pulled and it was actually yummy. Sitting very well in my stomach. Maybe I should do that every day...?!
I have shifted to singles - the machine came with a ridgeless single basket that looked like it had been through several wars. Someone had put little dents inward all around the rim where normally there is an outward ridge. Cannot figure why! But it works well. I find I have to grind a bit more fine: 10.0g, WDT stirred, tamped firm, 1:2 so 20.0g, in about 20 sec from first drip - relatively slow pull, so I am very well pleased with this.
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