In Search Of Faema Urania History

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#1: Post by doubleOsoul »

Hey everyone! I've been asked to write a piece for a magazine about the Faema Urania and I want to include some history in my write up. I have Maltoni's "Faema Espresso" book which offers an overall history but I'd like to have a little more info to write about and my searches are coming up a little empty handed. I appreciate any leads or links.


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#2: Post by yakster »

I don't have anything to add, but I'd be interested in the article, once it comes out.

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#3: Post by Marcelnl »

Perhaps send Mr Maltoni an email, he may have information that did not make it into the book? It may be too late to catch anyone with first hand recollection of the early days of the Urania now an odd 70 years later. I know Francesco once mentioned he is on touch with a former Faema engineer, that could be an option but more of a long shot.
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