Illy Art cups

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#1: Post by Marcelnl »

Today I got gifted (Birthday boy)with two Illy Art cups by Anish Kapoor, and artist I like a lot (we happen to have a museum in town with a fair bit of work by him)

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#2: Post by Espressoman007 »

I couldn't resist and had to comment on this one, because it's related to my profession. I like Anish a lot!!! I think he is a fabulous sculptor (artist). But I am sorry, you can't call these cups art cups (they are in the category called applied art, it's more related to craft than actual art) just because they are made by an artist, even a great one.
I would love to have some work by Anish too, and it is a wonderful gift, but they are not art cups, unless they are some part of a bigger concept, which I don't believe they are (they are obviously made for Illy).
They are more like souvenirs, but who wouldn't like a souvenir made by Beuys, Kiefer or Baselitz ;)
Anyways, congratulations on a great gift!


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Marcelnl (original poster)
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#3: Post by Marcelnl (original poster) »

thanks, and eeh I totally agree the cups are not art but they are artsy cups. It's Illy calling it 'Illy Art' :wink:

yeah owning some of his stuff, well we can dream

This is in front of the museum, a 5 min walk away.
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BaristaBoy E61

#4: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

If it's presented by the artist as art, then it's 'Art'.

BTW: Is that a spider on the table to the left of the cup - or is it 'Art'?
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Marcelnl (original poster)
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#5: Post by Marcelnl (original poster) » replying to BaristaBoy E61 »

That is craft, neither art nor a spider :wink:
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#6: Post by VoidedTea »

I like the set, very artsy. And whether it is art, craft, or even an appliance, it's "Designed by ... " that matters IMO.


#7: Post by Coffcarl »

Everyone knows that Illy Art Collection cups are not Art with a capital A. But they really are cool. Of course if you get an Anish Kapoor cup collection with an NFT, then it is definitely Art!

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#8: Post by arcus »

Happy Birthday! I wish I got such a lovely birthday present. Very nice!!


#9: Post by SandraF »

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your new artsy cups. Where are you located (where is museum)? Thanks.

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#10: Post by Plinyyounger »

Art is in the eye of whomever. Subjective is what art is. I think your cups are beautiful and artistic. Continue to claim your art, it is what what see in it.
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