I should buy a lottery ticket

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Funny thing happened to me today. I went to make my second double of the day. For Valentine's day my wife got me 3 months of a coffee flight from Angels Cup. This is a coffee service that sends you 4 36 gram pouches of fresh roast every month for x amount of months.

So I am currently set up for social coffee companies people's liberation. Thus am I was trying to pull 40 grams from an 18g dose in 25-30 seconds at 195 f, which was recommended by Steve from Social. You can see thats pretty fast but it actually was good.

Later this afternoon I took one of the flight pouches, a Honduran blend, single dosed 19 grams into my stock double and hit the factory set 2 cup button on my Breville dual boiler. It stopped at 38.4 grams in 30 seconds.

If this is not proof that there is a God and he loves messing with us for his own amusement, I don't know what is.

I should purchase a lottery ticket!