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Well I found out espresso is not my friend. I cannot drink drip coffee because it makes my gut hurt (the strong stuff that I like anyway). I have always liked espresso drinks. I noticed how inconsistent (i.e. mostly bad) espresso was at different places so I did hours of research (here mostly). Then I got my roaster (Behmor (love that name)), grinder (Max Hybrid)(thanks Ian!), machine (Promax (rancilio s27) Pavoni pump), and all the little accessories (tampers, milk foaming pitchers, etc...)(not in this order) and I have been pulling 90-98% crema shots that have ranged from chocolate to citrus (got blueberry once off the crema!). Wonderful! However, lately, I noticed I was having heart palpitations. :shock: It was freaky and it took me about a week to figure out it was my espresso that was the cause of it. I was pulling about 2 doubles a day so I don't think that is an excessive amount. My roasts were about Vienna+ so a little of the caffeine was burned off. If anyone notice's irregular heart activity (mine was mostly fast), you might want to take a break from caffeine to see if it is the cause. My heart palpitations stopped as soon as I stopped drinking my espresso so I am done...

Back to homemade chai (lotsa ginger). I am going to miss my shots! :cry:

The trip was fun and the journey just begun!



PS check CL and EB for my stuff in a couple of days.
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You should also go in for a check-up with your doctor. Caffeine can bring on palpitations, but they are often caused by an imbalance of electrolytes or hormones that can be checked with as simple blood test and are easy to correct.

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Two doubles per day is moderate only in American terms. The classic Italian beverage is a 20ml single. You might consider a cleansing period, and then see what happens if you limit your espresso consumption to one or maybe two small singles per day.

Also, the decaf espresso blend from Caffe D'Arte isn't bad. You could experiment with half-caf singles. :?:


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Two doubles a day is not much in the grand scheme of things, but regardless of the actual intake of caffeine, don't f*** around -- see a doctor. Not only is your heart not something to mess around with (i.e.: self-diagnosis is a first step, not the final one), but as Adrian has already said, there are many things that can cause/bring on palpitations and/or tachycardia . . . it may be harmless; it may be serious; it may be easily corrected . . . .

And in the FWIW Dept., I've been drinking half-caf espresso and cappuccino at home and in my office for many years . . .

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yeah, I can't handle too much espresso each day - I just get too strung out - but I love it WAY too much to quit, so I limit myself to a single per day. I can't imagine 2 doubles a day, I think if you pared that back to a single per day you may have the opportunity to still enjoy your impressive investment in espresso equipment...but of course your health comes 1st!

(EDIT) I wanted to add, that in no way am I suggesting that my anxiety levels are as serious as your heart troubles, but only that by limiting my intake of espresso, I was able to control the "issues" that I was having.

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If the palpitations started only with increased caffeine intake and stopped promptly, then this is almost certainly a benign issue. I don't know your age, but an EKG at least may be in order.
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I'm afraid many of us probably do more research diagnosing espresso extraction issues than our own health issues. Sorry to hear that the coffee does not agree with you. From what I have read, coffee is good for the brain in a moderate amount. Too bad it can also be rough on the digestive and nervous systems. Certain drip coffees give me an unpleasant headache and improperly roasted or extracted espresso irritates my stomach. One double per day is more than enough for me.

Hopefully a doctor can help you sort it out and maybe you can hold onto your gear just a bit longer so you don't get seller's remorse. If anything, you can treat your guests to excellent espresso and yourself to the occasional decaf.

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Jef -

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Since you mentioned that you liked lots of ginger in your chai, there is a local company here in Boulder called Bhakti Chai (http://www.bhaktichai.com) that contains a lot of fresh-pressed ginger and is very zingy and not overly sweet. I know you said you make yours homemade, but if you want something that's quick and you can find it locally, you might want to give it a try.

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I'm with Jason and Scott on this -- stop drinking coffee if that helps, but see a cardiologist.
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Well, as I said, seeing a doctor is a good idea. I won't beat a dead horse.

Before you sell all your equipment, consider de-caf. There are some good blends out there, like Sweet Maria's Donkey Blend. This won't be very different from tea in terms of caffeine content.