How would I try to make this drink at home?

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Hey all! There's a popular chain of cafes here in Ontario with many locations called Found Coffee. Their signature drink is called "The Doctor" and I wonder how they make it.

It is described and pictured here as
Found Flagship - just what the Doctor ordered. Stronger, sweeter and smoother than our standard White. A perfectly extracted double ristretto in a 6oz cup combined with expertly textured milk to finish.
I have an espresso machine, could I do this at home?

I currently just pour the exact same thing every day and that's up or down from 18g in ~35g out in like ~28-32sec. Only thing that stays the same for me though is 18g in and I'll try different times and weights out typically

But what would I be trying for with the described drink above?

I actually own two of the exact cups they make the drink in as well, they're beautiful even the size would be the exact same

Thanks again for your help!

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Double ristretto would be 1:1 to about 1:1.25. For example, 18g in, 18g out.

There's two ways to do this:
1. grind finer, so the 18g out shot still takes, for example, 28 seconds
2. keep the grind the same as a "normal" espresso, but pull the cup when you hit 18g out (or whatever).

The tastes of the two ways are different. If you watch their baristas at work, then, if they use the first method, they'll probably use a different grinder then the grinder they use for "normal" shots. If they use the same grinder for all espresso drinks and you don't see them changing the grind setting, then they're probably using the second method.

Good luck!
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as an avid ristretto lover I'd vote for grinding finer for a better overall taste. Would it not by any chance simply be a ristretto macchiato what they are 'rebranding'?

In most coffee bars asking for a ristretto draws a blank, so it's nice to see they are doing this!
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... makes me want to pull ristrettos this morning 8).
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I happen to have a lovely Ethiopian natural that is so good several ways but especially ristretto. Yum. This thread made me pull it ristretto this morning. Did not disappoint.

In my opinion you must grind finer for a ristretto. Pulling the shot at the desired weight leaves you with a single normale. A good ristretto should almost feel like you got slapped with mouth feel.

If that shop is pulling ristrettos, they are either changing grind settings or have a grinder set up for ristrettos. I would assume the later would be more likely
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Thanks for the comments so far! Unfortunately I'm still unsure exactly how to approach this. I know my basket holds 17-19g and I typically do 18g doses. Would I be aiming for 18g in, 18g-27g out in under 30 seconds? I'm especially confused about shot time and what I should be aiming for as I somewhat understand the yield is supposed to be from 1:1 to 1:1.5

Thanks again for the clarification!

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Try 18g in, 18g out, in 28 seconds. No flow control (if your machine has it), no pre-infusion stage (if your machine has it), just pull up the E-61 lever and go!
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rolex (original poster)

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Awesome, super helpful as always, thank you very much! I'll be trying for this in the AM then! Cheers !