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#11: Post by erics »

I, fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon the circumstances, have never used this line but I'm afraid it has been used on me:

"Oh, I've had that for some time now" or very similar, "I bought that a long time ago".

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#12: Post by JimWright »

Maybe buy a nice cabinet for your espresso equipment - something you can open up to use it and then close again when you're done. (Along the lines of an electronics armoire - do people make these for kitchen use?) Then new items just disappear into the cabinet.

Of course, better still is to get your wife "into" coffee enough that she actually supports these purchases. As a start on this, I recommend bringing her coffee in bed every morning. (Works for me.)

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#13: Post by Jacob »

It came first - doesn't that count for something? :lol:

BradS (original poster)

#14: Post by BradS (original poster) »

Wow - some great ideas. Judging from the creative suggestions, I'd say you all have given this subject more than just a passing consideration!

Jacob - no, dude, we're talking post-nuptial equipment here! Dave - while a machine is indeed the sum of it's parts, my wife would have cried "foul" on that one! Your wife must be a gem! You've smuggled in more machinery than I have furniture! Perstare, I had thought about that, but I was actually busted as soon as she noticed a bare naked floor lamp on here way in from the grocery store. Paraphrasing her words- "I really prefer a tiffany grinder myself". I was able to keep the grinder, but I haven't made the payback yet. I'm sure that's coming. All you guys considering the "espresso ride", remember this - the cost of the equipment should also include the SO's "yeah, but..." price!

Oh yeah & Roblumba - if you get roast-zilla into your life... well, you'd be the king!



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#15: Post by r-gordon-7 »

This whole thread reminds me... Years ago, a fellow guitar collecting buddy and I came up with a marketing idea (which we never really pursued, of course)... Spray-on dust in an aerosol can to be called "Spousal dust" tm... Along with the slogan, "What? Oh, that old thing... It's been there for years..." tm :wink: :wink: :!:

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#16: Post by keno »

If you really want to know how to hide your espresso equipment purchase from your spouse, then ask Elliot Spitzer.

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#17: Post by JimWright »

Indeed. But if the Feds come looking for your new grinder, you're still burnt. :D


#18: Post by frustrated_uk »

It's a matter of give and take in our house, I bought a Mazzer, she's now getting a piano! Wouldn't mind but now I've got to move a bloody radiator for it to fit. That'll teach me. (No it wont). :lol:


#19: Post by ccfore »

Well, I've been telling the S.O. for years that I might drop the espresso obsession for the new hobby of beekeeping. She surprizingly doesn't raise a flap, so to speak, when equipment occasionally shows up. But then again, shes a real honey!
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