How much coffee do you drink per day?

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#1: Post by Altair »

We were talking about grinders and espresso routine and that got me thinking, I probably am drinking too much caffeine for my own good even though I wish I could drink more. I might switch to Italian style 7g baskets so I can have the same amount or less but more frequent.

I usualy limit myself to 3 double espressos, 18g in 32-36 out, and two cups of pour over, usually a 14g V60 to 220 in the cup.

What is your routine like and how much coffee is your usual daily?

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#2: Post by mckolit »

I either do two double shots, same as you 18 grams in, 36 out, or a shot and a pourover. For Christmas I'm roasting some coffee for coworkers so I'm doing some tasting by using my other toys. Chemex or aeropress to see how the roasts turned out before I package them.

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#3: Post by HB »

During the week, 3 double espressos. On the weekend, add to that a cappuccino and maybe pourover/French press. By the way, here's a few prior discussions that you may find interesting.

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#4: Post by Sal »

When I was commuting for work, I prepared 1L brew, either by auto drip, pour over, or French press, put in two separate 500ml thermos and drink over the course of the day. I never bought coffee or brew at work.

Since I started working from home, I do only single dose 18g-20g brew whatever the method I feel like that day and drink two-three cups during a day.
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#5: Post by cb »

One ristretto every morning.

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#6: Post by jpender »

I usually have two double shots in the morning but the dose size varies depending on the coffee from 16 to 20g.

The USDA recommends that people limit caffeine intake to 5mg per kg of bodyweight per day. For an 80kg/175lb person that works out to 400mg of caffeine. Espresso contains roughly 8mg of caffeine per gram of coffee. So that works out to about 50g of beans per day.

Of course that's just a recommendation. And it's a rough number. Probably lean mass is a better number to use than body weight. And there are significant differences in how people metabolize caffeine. Not to mention that the caffeine in coffee varies, particularly if you include robusta in the mix. And there are other sources of caffeine. For example, a Diet Coke contains about 40mg.

But the ~50g of beans limit seems to correlate pretty well with how I feel. When I exceed that amount I usually wish I hadn't.

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#7: Post by walr00s »

I can only regularly tolerate a single shot ~14g per day and even that seems to effect my sleep. When I have a good natural, I often drink more and regret it later.

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#8: Post by coyote-1 »

I have a drip pot and an espresso machine. I typically have 1-2 cups of decaf drip per morning, and sometimes a decaf cup at work.

When I get home from work, I usually make an espresso (not decaffeinated). Sometimes on weekends I'll have one in early afternoon, and one late afternoon. If we're hosting a dinner party and I have the next day off, I'll offer (and have) espresso after dinner.

Altair (original poster)
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I had not realized how much I over consume caffeine! I need to bring it down to 3 shots and a pour over!

Good for you gents, that is responsible intake!

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#10: Post by LittleCoffee »

I usually drink 3 14g 2:1 espressos 5 times a week, but I make sure to have a two day rest. I am amazed at having discussed this with a few friends how unnusual it is to take a break - most people are really on caffeine permanently for large durations of their lifetime. For me the first couple of days on are incredible in terms of energy, and then I habituate. The "withdrawall" effect on the first day of the break is tolerable but noticeable!