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I'm sure I will get heck for this but since I buy two gallons of milk at Costco and since I only have one cappuchino per day plus about 3 ounces in my breakfast cereal, I portion out the milk. I use mason jars and freeze them. Depending upon size of jars, I take one out of the freezer one or two days prior to needed use. Haven't noticed any degradation.

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I have been noticing that my foam degrades as the milk ages.

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Paris92 wrote:I have been noticing that my foam degrades as the milk ages.
True, but at least where I've lived for 40+ years on the west coast of USA, supermarket milk varies so drastically as to make any positive correlation moot.

This 20 year old thesis is still relevant regarding foam.
The effects of composition and processing of milk on foam characteristics as measured by steam frothing

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Living in Dairy heaven I can vouch for the fact that even for fresh (as in same day) and raw (not pasteurized non homogenized) cow's milk foaming properties decline with aging.
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