How did you get interested in espresso?

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#1: Post by slipchuck »

I was wondering what started your journey with espresso (milk drinks included)
I will start
I was in Cuba at a resort. I keep ordering coffee with my standard milk and sugar and noticed it was better than any coffee I have ever had.
I thought for the heck of it I will try a cappuccino. Low and behold it was the same drink!
Once I got home I bought a used Breville cafe roma. Been at times frustrating but overall great!

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My path started on a trip to Europe late last year. My wife and I were in Paris and kept stopping at Cafes to relax, watch people, and talk. I decided that I should drink what the locals were drinking which seemed to be cappuccinos. I continued with cappuccinos in Italy and was totally hooked before the vacation was over. Before the trip I had been an iced coffee drinker. Since the trip it has been nothing but cappuccinos and lattes.


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We use to travel a lot, Me and My wife. All over the Europe now mainly in Spain. I've had good and bad coffees in Our trips, mainly good ones.
Few years back I got an enlightenment in Italy, why do I drink bad Finnish drip coffee instead of a good espresso or cafe latte from fresh beans. That made Me to purchase My first automatic machine. After third setup I'm quite pleased the quality of My daily coffee. I use to bring a Bialetti moka pot and Cappuccinatore with milk thermometer with Me to My trips.
My father in law lived in Czech Republic. He kindly let us borrow his car for Our roadtrips across the Europe. Thanks to Him, I think I've been drinking espressos at least 15 European countries.
This one was in Trieste Italy september 2015.

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BB Huell
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It was 2007. My wife and I were in Rome. We hired a guide. He was a Roman, he had a Masters degree in Roman history. He was passionate about all things Rome. He took us to his favorite coffee spots. He taught us the Roman rule: a cappuccino in the morning and an espresso in the afternoon. He showed us a Bialetti Moka Pot in a store window and explained how "espresso" was made at home for those who didn't make it to the espresso bars. He had a wealth of Roman / Italian / espresso / coffee knowledge. I was changed forever!




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About 8 years ago, I took a trip from Nova Scotia to Auckland, NZ to visit my sister. The trip was really long and I was by myself so used coffee to keep me awake during the airport layovers so I wouldn't miss my gate time. When I got to NZ I was well caffeinated. The next morning, rather than go through the pain of cutting back, I asked where the local coffee shop was. However, when I went, I did not understand any of their coffee offerings.. Somehow I couldn't find a 'double double' on the menu; and with my long hesitation I could tell the Barista was eyeing me with amusement in her eyes. As I retold the story, to snickers, my sister recommended I try the 'flat white'. Next day, with dyslexia setting in, I somehow managed to order a 'long black'. After suitable chastising from my sister, I got it right later that day and was hooked. (I also learned to limit myself to 2 espressos a day and none after 3)

Over the next month, I must have tried about 20 places all over the north island. NZ has awesome coffee.. Since Tim Horton's was the only fare in rural NS, I indulged in espresso when I went on work trips to the closest city; but it was never as good as NZ. After 6 years, I decided to make my own when someone asked me "why don't you buy a cheap espresso machine and make your own.. they are only a few hundred dollars". I took the plunge. In struggling with that machine, I discovered this forum. That machine only made it 2 months.

In our present lockdown state, I now think I might be one of the only residents of our town enjoying daily espresso.


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#6: Post by spressomon »

It was 1986, and while working, a buddy and I would escape about once a week for a real lunch at a then small local (Omaha Nebraska) real deal Italian cafe. We'd have antipasti, a little glass of red wine, pasta of course, etc., and were treated to espresso at the end of our 2-hour lunch. I was immediately hooked! I remember the owner (Sicilian and the same age as me...) would put a small twist of lemon rind in the espresso.

After both of us returned to work, the boss would scream and yell and make us promise we wouldn't go to lunch together again, let alone take 2-hours! We'd let him cool down for a week or two and do it again. And again. Great memories.

Then in 1997, after getting immensely frustrated with not being able to get proper espresso and anything less than a hot cup of brown milk when ordering a cappuccino, I bought my first little espresso machine...a Krups. It was all over after that!
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#7: Post by mgwolf »

About 20 years ago, we went on a cruise. The coffee in the main dining area was absolute swill. I happened to notice the bars on the ship (and there were many) had espresso machines, so the next morning I had a very nice cappuccino in a deserted bar. It was quiet, I could sit by the window and watch the ocean and read a book. The rest of the cruise, I enjoyed my morning capp in the same place. When I got home, I decided I wouldn't mind having nice cappuccinos at home and started my journey through Espresso Wonderland.


#8: Post by vanmat »

Around 2000 or 2001 my wife and I moved to Washington state. Coffee was everywhere compared to where we lived before. One of the places I worked at this guy would come around mid morning in his coffee truck and he made amazing drinks. He was obviously passionate about his craft and loved to talk about coffee. I learned a lot and gained a new hobby.

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#9: Post by Peppersass »

It was 2008 in Dijon, France, late afternoon while still jet-lagged from the previous day's flight from Montreal to Paris. We were vacationing with friends at a farmhouse in a tiny village about 20 minutes from Dijon. Our two families journeyed to town and ended up taking a large outdoor table at a cafe down a back street for a snack before the drive back to the farmhouse.

I ordered an espresso because I was feeling really tired and was curious how it would taste. Not knowing any better, I dumped all of the ubiquitous cylindrical sugar packet into it before tasting. At the time, France wasn't exactly the place to go in Europe for espresso (that would be Italy), but I was blown away by how good the sugary drink tasted and by the jolt of energy and feeling of well-being it gave me. This wasn't like brewed coffee at all. While basking in that glow, a stray cat came calling and rubbed against my leg. Being extremely fond of cats, my day was complete.

The next year we vacationed with our in-laws in Spain -- Madrid, Segovia, Seville, and a small beach town called El Portil near Huelva. I drank espresso every morning, again with lots of sugar because at the time Spain wasn't exactly an espresso destination, either. Still, I loved the daily shot(s) and resolved that I would have espresso every morning for the rest of my life. On returning home, I found, and within a month had my first espresso setup. It was quite some time, and some serious upgrading, before I learned to consistently pull a decent cup from specialty coffee. The espresso hasn't been anything like what I had in France, Spain or (much later) Italy, but it never requires sugar, either. A couple of years ago I started roasting, but that's still a work in progress.

Although it's been expensive and often very challenging, I have no regrets about my espresso journey. Just the opposite -- it's become a significant part of who I am.


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I ordered an espresso just to try it.