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My journey began having dinner at a friend's when I noticed an appliance on the counter that even after pondering for some time that for the life of me, I couldn't identify. She told me, "It's a Nespresso machine".

We had wonderful espresso with dessert and as a lover of a great cup of coffee decided I had to have one too. Before pulling the trigger, figuring there might be a better way I started by research that led me to a separate grinder and espresso machine. I was set; a Kitchen Aide coffee grinder was the best. That's when further research produced the Baratza Vario; I was set - again.

On a trip to Paris we had coffee at a café that was using several Baratza Varios for pour overs, when my wife saw them in action she drew to my attention that they were, 'Jumping all over the counter'. She said, "I will don't have anything that 'jumps' on the counter'. I told her that's OK, I know how to fix that - Then she saw the shear size of the Mahlkonig K30 Vario that I had ordered in the showroom at Chris' Coffee. Fortunately Mary at Chris' Coffee convinced her that it's better to 'Go Big' right out of the gate so to speak.

As we live in Canada, when crossing the border I declared everything we bought, scales, thermometer, measuring equipment etc., the border agents got so suspicious, they thought we were setting up a Meth Lab - they did everything but bring out the drug-sniffing dogs!

I almost bought a Speedster as my first machine - and my wife would have gone along with it but I couldn't justify to myself going from a one-copper pour over stainless steel drip that sat on my coffee mug for 40-years to the Speedster (Silly me, me while I had the chance).

Anyway, I later discovered HB and here I am - still lusting after the one that got away -that Speedster (now an Idromatic)!
"You didn't buy an Espresso Machine - You bought a Chemistry Set!"