Hello from Switzerland

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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LMWDP #712

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Thank you :D machine is Wega Vela Vintage we're going to use on the market and for private events :D had though times to sort all the stuff in the Piaggio but now this is on :arrow:

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Welcome to HB Laurent.

That is adorable - Thanks for posting!
What make, model & year is the truck?
Is the espresso machine electric or propane?
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Coffee machine is electric, had lot of problems to find the correct connection to get enough watts, there is also an electric heater for the washbasin :mrgreen:

The threewheeler is a Piaggio Ape (Monkey in Italian) and is brand new :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your post. The Piaggio Ape with the Vega and the Ducati 916 looks awesome!
Just got back from a trip to Geneva driving through Lausanne to Vitznau in Switzerland. Visited Lucerne and there were minor flooding and went on the Chapel bridge.
I have a Swiss Armellin Mini Combi that I bought new back in 1985 (36 years ago) and I just made espresso this morning with it. This was made in Lausanne and was used (not the same model) by the 3 star Michelin restaurant Freddie Girardet back then in Crissier. Unfortunately, the owner of Armellin died early and they stopped making espresso machines.
I have added PID and replaced the vibe pump with a Fluid-O-Tech gear pump and it is working just fine. One of these days I will have to replace the machine, but not just yet.

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Thank you, this is one of my race bikes ! I do hillclimb roadracing :P

Thank you for your story about Armellin, going to investigate further about. I'm in Epalinges, 20 minutes away from Crissier and knew Girardet very well.

I discover the world of coffee machines, the Barista Ape is the project of my wife and I'm just hired to sort the technical side :lol: anyway I found here something fascinating and want to learn further :idea:

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You probably heard the unfortunate stories about the subsequent owners Philippe Rochat and Benoit Violier. Hope the present owner Franck Giovanini will keep the 3 star rating and not another mishap. Will have to visit the restaurant on my next trip to Switzerland.