HB trend setting, according to La Marzocco London

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Since I'm already deep into the biggest case of upgradatis in my life (buying a property) I figured I might as well take advantage of the falling interest rates and use some of my deposit for a new coffee machine and grinder. Home-Barista has played a huge part in my research to narrow it down to a LMLM or a LMLu and today I waddled over to Shoreditch to the La Marzocco Demo Room for a first hand experience.

I thought you would all appreciate that my demo person was a big fan of HB and told me she learned a lot from browsing our forum when she first started working in the industry. According to her a lot of the current trends started out here on the forums and spread into cafes from here. Be proud people :)

Anyway, what I learned is that the Micra is too small for me, and the Mini is much better suited but I much prefer the look and the workflow of the GS3.

I'll just buy a lever machine I guess

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I have LMLM, love it

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Nice to hear. That's a really big compliment.

There are a lot of new and interesting levers out there like the Nurri L-type. If you're investing big than it's better to have control instead of lacking control with a straight 9 bar machine like the Micra or Mini. They're great for what they do but I saw you ordered a P01 so better to choose the espresso machine that's as capable as the grinder.

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At the moment I feel it's between the GS3 (love the look of it, but not the price) and the Nurri L-Type, but the Mini would be my budget option possibly. As I don't really drink espresso I am not sure how much of that flexibility I would actually use. If that makes sense.

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Nothing other than another shining vote for the Mini.

Came from a Bianca after not really using flow control and have had completely problem-free use for coming up 18 months. It's the most enjoyable machine to own and use that I've had in my 15 or so years of making espresso at home.

The Micra wasn't available when I purchased but buying again I'd still go for the Mini for the additional working space and 'analog' temp control.

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Get the gear pump mod Mini. It then becomes a Strada