Has Espresso Become a Hobby for the Rich?

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Is the entry level harder to achieve for exceptional espresso at home? I don't think so with the advent of inexpensive options like the Flair, high quality hand grinders and the availability of used gear for refurb and restoration. Some members are choosing early in their journey to start with top notch expensive equipment. Some have the spare funds to afford that, others get there in other ways, like finding used gear at a good price, fixing it and selling to replenish the hobby fund. A lively discussion began about this subject in this thread.

Post a pic of your home espresso setup...

Plus there was this appropriate request by John.

JohnB. wrote:Interesting discussion but hopefully one of the mods will move it to a separate thread so we can get back to looking at home espresso set ups again.

I am moving that conversation here so it can continue and keep the original thread on topic, so people can scroll through and see lots of home setups. This is where it started.
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jjmouse wrote:My new setup,

La Marzocco linea mini and mythos one
THAT SET UP WAS probably close to 10000 bucks (whether eur or usd) IN HK

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Edited since apparently sharing is viewed by some as "showing off" smh :roll:


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Hooah wrote:Space is limited in my kitchen and it doesn't have a lot of charm but this current setup makes me smile every day.
omg....this forum is full of rich people! another set up worth of a compact car for us commoners, wow


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marteccino wrote:THAT SET UP WAS probably close to 10000 bucks (whether eur or usd) IN HK
Nonono, for coffee equirement, it is quite reasonable in Hong Kong, the price for whole setup including acaia lunar is less than $6030 USD..

I found that the mythos one is cheap in Hong Kong, which is only 2150 USD


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Hooah wrote:I'm not rich. I retired after 26 years military and moved to Germany. Cost of living/taxes are pretty high here, and I don't even own a vehicle. I scrap by on everything JUST so I'm able to afford my espresso habit/passion. Yes my priorities are straight :mrgreen:
that means you are rich in your values and priorities! admirable trait

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To battle all the "Rich" Comments:

About 10 years ago, I randomly came across a Craigslist ad for a "Commercial espresso machine from bakery - for sale" - No photos, but the way it was described I had a feeling I knew what it was. I contacted the guy, asked for some photos, after reviewing the photos, I realized it was a 2 Group LM Linea. I asked him what he wanted for it, and he just wanted $500 for it. I drove 6 hours, picked it up, brought it home. - At the time I was rocking a modified Silvia, and Rocky combo, that I got on CL a year earlier for $700.

I spent the entire summer taking the LM down to its frame, citric acid bath, cleaning, refurbishing every part, replacing things as necessary, and upgrading. After about 6 months, and another $800 in parts, I had a fully working 2 group LM linea in impressive condition. I listed it for sale on CL, and ended up selling it at the time for $4k. I then in 2010 made a few phone calls, and scored a fresh off the boat GS3 with a decent discount for a little more than what I sold the Linea for.

Over the years I've purchased, refurbished, and sold a lot of grinders as well. I found a local cafe selling a Mythos for cheap, because it needed work, Spent $600 on it, maybe another $300 over the course of a few months on burrs, and customiziation, and I'm now sporting a LM GS3 MP (fairly modified, but I'm not including that in the costs because I've done a lot of that myself), and an older but still really good Mythos, (also fairly modified) for maybe... $2500 out of my own pocket.

Yes, I tell people my coffee set up is worth more than any car Ive ever owned, but, I (and possibly others here) have worked for what we have, in one way or another, not that we are rich, or maybe we are, we just find our ways to enjoy our habits/hobbies.

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This has DEFINITELY become a hobby for the rich! I was on CoffeeGeek and lurked around here and Barista Exchange when I was into this stuff ten years ago. The landscape during that time was way different. I had amassed I believe eight machines on my counter at one time during the peak of my interest back then... and it was really easy to do so. Sure seems like these days all of the older machines out there to be had have all been snapped up. I have since been unable to get back into this hobby. New machines are like $1,500 at the entry level and most of the prosumer machines all have the same shiny exteriors with generic E-61 groups and off the shelf components inside (i.e. they're all basically the same). The kind of machines that I truly want cost anywhere between three and five grand. Yikes!!!

I've said it before on this forum - there used to be only a handful of Speedster's and GS-3's on here with a large number of enthusiasts who had a lot of experience mostly owning equipment hovering around the 1k dollar amount. Nowadays it seems to be quite the opposite with the majority being espresso newbies who've just plucked down ten grand for a custom Slayer and matching K-30 Peak or Robur-E or whatever and are just starting out on their coffee journey.


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I think it's just a matter of people in general being more 'wealthy'....in so far as the economy has been relatively stable and people have more disposable income. You see more 'luxury' cars on the road these days....they've become the new normal. Conspicuous consumption is the new normal. A $10,000 espresso machine looks better on Instagram, too. :lol:


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oh well, "my first thought no filter" comments created a bit of stir and controversy as i can see, and i get it....i am just offering another perspective from my background, and too maybe forgot to include a a smiley emoji, as I had that smirk when i was commenting it...but at the same time, I think it made some valuable impact since some guys started to say few stories about how they have achieved it or even prices for which they paid for it..and that's what makes it much more interesting than just seeing pictures of nice machines....at least for me...


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I think it is important to remember that unless people list their occupation on this forum that you have no idea what they do. Often as human beings we jump to conclusions. It is very possible that some of these people are retired, have a very well paying job, have no debt, have saved for years to get the machine they wanted, or they have a 10k machine and are also massively in debt. That being said, this is a hobby and certain people treat hobbies differently. I don't have the nicest set up in the world but I really enjoy the coffee I roast and drink. I go to coffee shops around SA and their shots are on par with mine and they have extremely expensive equipment.