Guy Gets New Machine: Makes Nice Espresso

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
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#1: Post by Martin »

Lelit Bianca V3 arrived this a.m., and I have some observations. (Sorry, you'll have to wait for the in-depth review of my first three shots ) :?

First, let's stipulate that among the several $3,000 +/- machines one can choose, none is miles ahead or behind the others. There are ways to justify choosing any one based on particular features, aesthetics and a bunch of idiosyncratic preferences. Great vendors, lots of youtube, and wise reviewers--you have to be pretty clueless to make a bad decision.

Now, although I love shiny stainless, for my taste, it's overdone. That partly explains my previous two competent but decidedly non-glitzy machines: La Spaziale and Dalla Corte.

Then appears the black Bianca. Can't be missed, but doesn't scream out "look at me" in a generally overcrowded kitchen. IMO, "elegant" best describes the look. Equally appealing, was the ability to install the reservoir on the side. That means I can slide Bianca under the overhead cabinet and still have unobstructed access fot refills.

Also, I'm told it makes fine espresso.

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#2: Post by bluayeddvl »

i share your sentiments as another guy with a new machine.
while not in the same category as your Bianca, my black Bezzera Aria PID is exactly the right machine for me right now, and for a shared number of same reasons.

congrats on your new machine and the many nice espresso shots to come.


#3: Post by Mochajoe »

Congrats on a great machine. After much research, the Bianca V3 was one of my top three choices before I opted for the LM Linea Micra.

Post a pic when you can.