Grinder purchased overseas held by FDA?

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I'm encountering this issue now and was wondering if anyone else has had experience with it before. Namely, how long did it take for the grinder to get to you and were there any visible signs of use or damage from inspection?

IIRC, Prima coffee had their shipment of P64s held for a couple months before being released.

Tried to save a couple bucks buying from Italy but it seems like I should have saved myself the trouble and purchased domestically.


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When I bought the Strietman CT2, there was a short FDA hold, but it was released within a few hours. This was through DHL, had to pay import fees and taxes for that order, but everything was fairly quick.
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sungvary (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply. It's been held for over a week now and UPS gave me up to or over 30 days. Hopefully it will pass through soon.


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I also experienced an FDA hold when my Bosco arrived. It was near Christmas so may have been longer than normal. The slow getting back to normal business transition right now may be having an effect on yours being released.
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