GoFundMe for Reg Barber

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#1: Post by SteveRhinehart »

Reg has apparently come on some hard times with regard to his company. Most are probably already aware that Reg has been an influential and active figure in the coffee world for decades, apart from creating one of the most popular tamper designs out there. His daughter has posted a GoFundMe fundraiser to help him with costs of relocating and possibly getting set up again.


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#2: Post by DonSWG »

From the tone of the GoFundMe, it seems like he's closing his doors for good. They talk about him needing to sell his equipment and that this chapter of his life is over. :( My first tamper was by Reg. I don't use it much anymore, but I'll never get rid of it!
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#3: Post by Marshall »

Just donated. With all the knockoffs he had to compete with, the last thing he needed was a 25% U.S. steel tariff. For those who don't know, Reg has been a tireless supporter of the barista community and designed and made the championship trophies that adorn so many famous coffee shops.
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#4: Post by RockyIII »

That's sad news. The Reg Barber Facebook page recently had photos of what looked like a lot of items being manufactured and in stock on the shelves, but now the online store apparently has nothing for sale.



#5: Post by pcrussell50 »

"Espresso fashion" is as fickle as any other in our lives. Plenty of people still pay $150 for whatever today's hotness is in tamping and grooming tool brands, despite the presence of excellent Chinese knockoffs.

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#6: Post by truemagellen »

Perhaps SCAA or a larger manufacturer (ie LM/DC/LC) would be interested to have a legacy outreach program. Have Reg become a liason for tampers, tamper manufacturing, and development. Could be on staff to do workshops at SCAA events and competitions. It could be a way to transfer his wealth of information to a younger generation of baristas and link the past to the present.


#7: Post by msimanyi »

Just donated. I'm glad I was able to place an order for some replacement bases a couple months ago, but I'm disappointed the business was hit so hard by the tariffs.

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#8: Post by TomC »

Occasionally I'm reminded that I sold a brand new, beautiful Reg Barber tamper with a solid copper base years ago. I'd probably buy it back if I could. :oops:

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#9: Post by pcrussell50 »

msimanyi wrote:...but I'm disappointed the business was hit so hard by the tariffs.
Ironically, the very effective, "cheap Chinese knockoffs", of the expensive boutique groomers and tampers have also been hit by the tariffs. I've watched prices rise.

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