George Howell Website Issue

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#1: Post by bonjing »

I'm having trouble using their website. I can't complete a purchase or recover my password. I've tried emailing them but have never gotten any response. I've used chrome, explorer and firefox with no success. Does anyone else have this issue? Any tips to try?

Thanks all!

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#2: Post by spressomon »

Just went to their website and logged in to my account without issue. Using Safari 15.0 (MacBook).
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bonjing (original poster)

#3: Post by bonjing (original poster) »

Thanks, but no dice. Tried on tablets, laptop, phone and home computer. The checkout page has everything except doesn't ask for my cc ccv number, when I hit submit it takes me to a the checkout page again but all information is cleared out. Foolishly I tried two different browsers, luckily I don't see any charge on my credit card, yet. Hopefully I won't see two charges but no ccv number no charge, right?

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#4: Post by Ken5 »

Are you blocking cookies?

EDIT: I just signed onto their site in private mode, so I guess having cookies off makes no difference. :(

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#5: Post by Ken5 »

Have you checked your email junk folder? I have had george Howell emails go there. Perhaps see if password reset emails are there.


#6: Post by HRace »

I also couldn't place an order the last two days. I was trying to check out as a guest which is always cumbersome at best. Tried ordering on the phone a few times , then a computer. Couldn't get it to work. I also emailed them and will see if they reply.

bonjing (original poster)

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Thanks. Have you ever been able to place an order? I have not, the only thing I haven't tried is calling. I even thought it was my router settings, but even on cellular I've had no luck.

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#8: Post by Ken5 »

I had issues with them about a month ago. Tried resetting password a few times, no luck. Then I noticed a password email in my junk folder and that worked. There was only 1 email in junk even though I tried a few times. Something must be going on with their system.


#9: Post by HRace »

Yes, I've ordered twice in the last 3 months. Both times as a guest. Even that was really frustrating. Order form completely filled out then it resets for a reason I can't figure out. Completely fill in all the information again and it works. This was the same for my second order checking out as a guest. Then Friday / Saturday impossible to order as a guest. The checkout button wasn't functioning. I did try to create an account and that also was confusing. It appears I made an account and they have my credit card info, though trying to login won't work afterwards. I'm not going to bother with resetting password after reading this thread. Agreed something is not right most likely but even their system when it was working was much worse than any roaster I've ordered from in the last 2 years. They should definitely consider an update of some sort. Their website is frustrating to someone (me) who is not familiar with it. Their limited roasts that are open, are not on the limited roast link when you click it! I have been clicking limited roasts and it shows the ones that ended last week August 8. Only when I click I nto light roasts or African coffee menu does it show the Kenya that is actually the limited roast open this past Friday the 12th, roasting on Monday the 15th. I gather he's earned a lot of respect but it sure comes off differently to me when the website is a disaster and then ordering is another disaster. Hey, I'm not a computer expert either but maybe some $ toward an update wouldn't be so bad. How about adding some other payment methods (PayPal, Apple Pay) so we can skip entering personal info and giving him our CC info (and have it actually work, in seconds). I'll try calling this week. I also don't like not getting a tracking number. It's just really really old ways of doing business, it seems.

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#10: Post by Ken5 »

As I mentioned to the original opp, it sounds like it might be a cookie issue? Do you allow cookies? Some sites won't function properly without them, some do just fine, I will sign in later in private mode to see if it causes issues, I will let you know.

Perhaps find the cookies for Howell and delete it/them? Hate to tell you to delete 'all cookies' as that might not help and you might lose some benefits that some past cookies give.