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HRace wrote:I also don't like not getting a tracking number. It's just really really old ways of doing business, it seems.
I always get a confirmation of order email, and then when it ships a ups tracking number is emailed, then when they hand it off to the usps the ups site gives the usps tracking number for the final leg of the journey.

These emails sometimes go in the junk folder!


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Thanks, I do allow cookies but I'll try deleting the websites previous cookies.


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While you're at it, fully clear the cache.
-- Richard


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I received an email this morning with an offer to place the order through email. They didn't acknowledge any website issues but are willing to help resolve it a different way. I'll still try working with the website so I don't overly inconvenience them. Right now I don't need coffee so I'll get to this in a week or two.
*edit: password reset request didn't sent me any email for 5 hours including the junk folder so I emailed them directly. Had a response within the hour that has me logged into an account now. Hopefully I can order now, not trying to checkout as a guest.
*edit 2 (8/19): logged in and placed an order no problem today for one of the limited roasts. Seems to be working for me now.