Frothing Milk with Ninja Easy Frother (French Press Style)

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#1: Post by MNate » Nov 08, 2019, 12:05 pm

With the purchase of the Cafelat Robot I needed some way to froth milk. In fact, the Robot is so good that I would be tempted to have it be my only espresso machine if the milk riddle could be solved sufficiently well. My first attempt is the Ninja Easy Frother because the workflow seems easy enough. Plus at $13, why not?

Image ... 016ULW6T0/

It's a French Press style device but with a bit more mesh to break up the air bubbles. And it is microwave-safe so I just stick it in the microwave as I'm pulling my shot. Filling to the same line each time and putting it in the microwave for the same amount of time yields consistent temp results. For me, 52 seconds gets it to 150 degrees.

I fill to the 5oz line.

I've tried various pumping patterns and really haven't landed on something that gets the milk as finely textured as I can on my big HX or little Silvia but it is acceptable. Even soy milk turns out ok. I'll keep trying various things. but for the moment I do:

10 pumps to the pump to here line (above the milk to incorporate air); (I do about 15 pumps to here for soy)
30-40 pumps in the bottom portion of the brother to break up the air bubbles.
Then I pour into my milk jug as the brother doesn't pour well enough for latte art.

I've experimented with pouring back and forth a bit, tapping a bit, etc. I'm sure I'll just keep refining and the texture will keep getting better.

Here's a video of me using it with the Robot:
I think it's good enough but is definitely the least-satisfying part of my current espresso process. It just feels unnatural and not fun. And the results so far aren't perfect but I don't doubt they can get there. This will be a good excuse to buy another espresso machine, even if I keep using the Robot for the shot!


#2: Post by MNate » Nov 13, 2019, 10:09 pm

Well, I never got this thing to do great microfoam. Everything tasted very milky.

When my big espresso machine was ready and I was able to compare the two milk products there just isn't any comparison. Perhaps part is that it's just more fun to steam milk and it's satisfying to see it swirling around the milk jug.

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#3: Post by Radio.YYZ » Nov 17, 2019, 3:08 am

I saw a custom made moka pot turn into a steam machine, worked like a charm.
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