Food safety of lab filters used for espresso

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I use 55mm Whatman No. 4 filters to line the bottom of my espresso baskets. I've settled on them because they fit perfectly straight out of the box and the espresso flows through them quite quickly. Recently however I've seen worries expressed by such authorities as James Hoffmann and Scott Rao about the food safety of lab filters. They don't claim that they are definitely unsafe, it's more that they don't know. Does anyone here know anything more about this subject?

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Look at the certificate of analysis? One would imagine that with celullose nothing much can be wrong, but the manufacturer can provide more info...
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If asked for my professional opinion, I'd say as long as you don't use an open package that spent some time in a lab they are safe to use. This type of paper filter tends not to leach anything (otherwise we wouldn't dream of using them in the lab for analytical purposes)
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