First rock of the year

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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

Just a reminder to check the first and last doses from a bag of coffee that you buy. Foreign material usually either floats to the top of a bag, or sinks to the bottom.

This is especially for coffee from a smaller roasting company that may not use a destoner, magnets, colour sorter, and/or other means to clean up coffee after roasting.

The little bit of concrete in the pic was probably from a drying patio. This coffee was from the bottom of a 1kg bag from a roaster who does use a colour sorter post-roast. Nothing is perfect.
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#2: Post by Pressino »

Good to be on the lookout for those, since they can ruin your burrs.


#3: Post by jpender »

I found this in my coffee a few months ago. It wasn't a stone but it was hard enough to abruptly halt my hand grinder. It was a similar size, density, and color as the beans so it's understandable that it made it through Q/C. I wonder what it was?

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#4: Post by Capuchin Monk »

Looks like charred Bonbon. :?

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#5: Post by Jofari »

Good reminder to check for stones and debris. Over the past decade of buying roasted coffee, it's only happened to me twice. Fortunately, I noticed them before they went in the grinder. I don't think I would have noticed the object that jpender found, though.

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#6: Post by Pressino »

Don't know for sure, but if it came in a bag of Luwak coffee, it could be a constipated bit of civet excreta.


#7: Post by Viktor »

I too almost threw one into the grinder without noticing: