Fall Coffee Drinks/Recipes

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
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I've been enjoying a brown sugar shakeup the last few days while my wife buzzes around the house decorating with fall decor. In particular the molasses and darkish roast espresso pair well together.

Recipe is:
- 20g Double shot med-dark espresso (roast vision 14 in my case)
-Pint Jar 1/4 filled with ice and half milk
-Cocktail shaker with ice, 1tbsp brown sugar

Pull shot. Dump into shaker. Shake it like its hawt. Pour mixture (including ice in cocktail shaker) over milk in jar. Enjoy. Add cinnamon if really feeling the fall vibes.


I like how the shake foams the coffee and sugar together. It has rich flavor without being too much (looking at you pumpkin spice.). I have some Indiana maple syrup that I need to try instead of the brown sugar. It's darker than Canadian maple syrup. Anyone enjoying other recipes they would like to share?

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Mr. Bali Hai
The recipe calls for two rums, light and dark. I used three. Two Jamaican dark rums and a light agricole from Oaxaca.
Lemon juice
Pineapple juice
Recipe calls for simple syrup but I also add some maple syrup
Recipe calls for a coffee liqueur which I use but I also add espresso. I batch this a quart at a time for get togethers and two shots of espresso is about right per quart. Maybe even only a shot and a half.
Shake, frosted glass with a two inch cube and a little fresh ground nutmeg on top.

Head into the garden and pick some Padron peppers and blister them up in a cast iron skillet (adds just a wee bit of iron to your food ever time you use it). Sprinkle some coarse salt
Slice some housemade Basturma real thin.

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I've wanted to get into alcoholic coffee drinks. I'll need to give yours a go.

My wife has been enjoying her pumpkin spice flavoring. I make a simple syrup with the pumpkin spice flavoring and then do 10g pumpkin spice with 20g caramel simple syrup (also homemade) with a 20g shot of med dark. Steamed milk and sprinkle of cinnamon on top. She enjoys it.