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If lightning strikes a tree or a source coming out from our buried power lines, it will result in a surge. Our 75 ft. oak tree got struck 3 weeks ago by lightning. Couldn't even see the burn lines. It just blew the top to smithereens, sending wood chips 100 yards in all directions. The tree was situated approx. 30 ft from our home. My espresso bar was already turned off but not unplugged in time. I still have all green lights on the Panamax and everything's fine.

A direct strike will blow everything. One would have allot more to worry about than just espresso equipment. That's where a Homeowner's policy takes place of surge protectors.

The original query was about electrical surges, no? The typical forum excitement pushes it to direct lightning strikes. :lol:

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Lightning versus trees is quite interesting to see. They tree does not 'explode' from the electricity but from the heat generated by the current. The sap in the tree essentially flash boils, turns to steam and Booom, like a giant piece of popcorn.
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That explains why we couldn't find any burnt pieces. Amazing.

Your explanation reminds me of something featured on Mythbusters. Very well said! Pictures of the giant popcorn tree can be found here over the next few days: