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Hi. Brand new to the site but I have done a lot of reading on this topic. We are getting ready to build out an 83" wide espresso bar and beer keg bar. We have a Profitec Pro 800 that we will plumb in. We will also have a 15" wide Kegerator and a 15" wide ice maker. Would it be overkill to install a Rhino Pitcher Rinser (300mm) and a small copper sink (5" x 10") with a filtration faucet? (See photos) I love the look of the small sink but I think the pitcher rinser is a neat feature and would work for pint glasses. Based on the size constraints, I would have to place the rinser (horizontally) in front of the copper sink as is shown in the photo. Plenty of room, but just wondering if anyone thinks that might be strange. I like the sink as it would give me an option to fill pitchers of water. I could also only use the pitcher rinser and have the filtration faucet run into that drain. It would, however, be difficult to fill pitchers of water because the pitcher rinser is surface mounted.
Fyi, we are planning to install an RO system under the sink cabinet and drill holes in the granite or back wall to hide the cords and water/drain lines. I also plan to use a false door pull out and use a trash can with knock box on it under the sink to hide the knock box. I know so many of you have been "down this road", so I'd love any final thoughts you might have before we pull the lever! :)
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nice! I have no idea how large the kegs are (nor what your expected beer consumption is), but kegs do not have an infinite life once opened and beer lines need to be cleaned fairly regularly, I'm not familiar with the kegerator, probably that has all of that already covered.

Why not use the pitcher rinser in three ways, it's a sink already so you might be able to install a high water tap over it allowing you to fill pitchers and you MAY be able to use the rinse function for the Porta Filter.
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