Ember Mug 2 Review

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I was looking at

Transport mug for cold temperatures

and thought maybe I should post my current thoughts on the Ember Mug 2, as we have owned 5-6 Embers since they first came out.

My wife loves her Embers but I can NOT recommend them for most use cases.

Two possible use cases:

If your use case is black coffee only and you are willing to pay the price over the alternatives in the thread linked then consider one,
If you sip coffee like Santa waiting for Christmas next year (my wife's use case), then get one if you really love them.

My wife loves caps and that is one of the issues as you can see below. Milk based drinks will cause muck to form if you let it sit too long. If I were a black coffee drinker, I would just get a heating coaster and use your PERSONAL favorite mug. You get the joy of your own mug and probably save over $100. For those who slow sip milk based espresso drinks this will help you out, but do look to see what else is out there as there are competitors.

Cup feels good in hand.
It heats coffee to 135 degrees. You can change this if you have the app and a login account.

Super Expensive - only buy them on sale if you buy them.
Coasters fail frequently. We have had to replace 5.
Easy to scratch the inner coating after about a year of use. In the image below, that scratch was from my fingernail trying to clean off the stuck on muck. I had tried a bottle brush but it was still stuck on after soaking, and then my fingernail took off the coating. I personally don't like the surface of the Ember 2 over the Ember 1.
Muck forms, if you don't keep drinking.
Login account required - You must have an account to use personalization features. Even so as happened recently, if their servers are down, you can't access the app, and its features. They also encourage you to register the mugs, but after you do you don't get a confirmation and it doesn't show up in your account. Their IT clearly needs work. They have no phone support and emailing gets lost in the shuffle or the person doesn't understand what you are trying to convey.

Black and White

Muck and Scratches

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FWIW, I've been using an ember mug 2 for black coffee almost every morning for 2 years now and I haven't had to replace the coaster and I haven't noticed any bad scratches. I like to sip and savor my coffee and I don't love it when it gets lukewarm, so for me, it was money well spent. The only problem I have with it is that it overheats the coffee when there is very little left in the cup, so when I get towards the end I have to finish it quickly.